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We are glad you're here.  Your presence here says that we have something in common, our love for Savithri.  We dearly love Savithri, one of the greatest artistes ever to grace our land.  This website is our humble tribute to the one who gave us years of immense pleasure through many movies with her enthralling and unforgettable performances.  These are deeply etched in our memories forever.

Savithri was an actress without equal.  She was admirable in her screen mannerisms.  She was adorable in every role she played.  She was alluring in the most cinematic ways.  She was authentic in the roles she played.  One could identify with her characterizations reflecting from their own life.  She was disarmingly charming.  She was elegant in emoting endless expressions with enormous ease.  Her performances in the movies had so much magic that they left the viewers mesmerized.  She was an acting institution.  Her smile was enchanting and could put anyone in a trance.  Her laughter was infectious.  One just can't help but helplessly fall in love with her screen persona.

Savithri ruled the world of Tamil and Telugu cinema unchallenged for nearly three decades.  She won accolades and our hearts with every movie she appeared in.

The following picture shows Sathish, Savithri's son, help launch this website...

Sathish Kumaar Ganesan Launching This Website

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